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Beanland RFTR Bundle Special
All this RFTR merchandise for only $23 plus shipping:

  • 1 RFTR DVD (includes complilation CD)
  • 1 RFTR Promo DVD (Promo DVD- minus DVD jacket and compiliation CD)
  • 1 RFTR postcard
  • 2 RFTR Scramble Campbell flyers
  • 1 Widespread Panic poster (our choice)
  • PLUS: 3 Beanland vault disks: **(7/27/91 is arguably one of Beanland's Best Shows, opening for WSP in Nashville)
    1. Nashville, TN - 328 Performance Hall - 7/27/91
      Doreatha, South of Hell, Mind Fu*k, Hey Ruby, Fishin Impossible, Hold The Wheel, Dont Hold Back, Oceans>Take Me To The Show Sellin The Rain

    2. Oxford, MS - Forresters - 2/14/90
      Deal, Waitin' For, Junco Partner, Dragonfly, We Got Company, Aiko-Aiko, Doreatha, Music Never Stopped, 1x1

    3. Tuscaloosa - Ivory Tusk - 9/1/91
      Mardi Gras, South of Hell, Dont Hold Back, Take me to the Show, Up the Line, Watin For, Music Never Stopped, Like It Like That, Dragonfly, Hey Ruby, Women are Smarter, Fishin' Impossible, Oh, Carol, Doreatha

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Rising From the Riverbed is a lively chronicle of the origins of the widespread southern jam band scene as seen through the smoky eyes of one of it's seminal groups, Beanland. The band's "rise" is richly illustrated with interviews and archival video footage spanning nearly 20 years from back porch Mississippi hippie-cover band to their hard earned arrival as a genuine musical force across the south.

Interviews included are with some of the leading stars of the southern music; JoJo Hermann and George McConnell of Widespread Panic; Cody and Luther Dickinson of The North Mississippi Allstars; Rev Jeff Mosier of the Aquarium Rescue Unit; Cedric Burnside of the Burnside Blues Family; Cary Hudson of Blue Mountain and legendary producer, Jim Dickinson.

view the trailerThe film also contains blistering concert footage shot on the Square in Oxford, Mississippi during the 2004 Beanland Reunion. The band is in full party mode with featured Beanland hits as Take me to the Show, Doreatha, Mr. Cropper and Swing Tune #9.

Riverbed is a celebration of a time and place, in this case, the last two decades in a small town in Mississippi, a rural area usually known for its writers, from Faulkner to Grisham. An unlikely setting perhaps for homegrown Rock-n-Roll-until you see Rising From the Riverbed. As keyboardist JoJo Hermann says, "Mississippi has a groove, and the groove is the way of life." Though Beanland grew organically from the kudzu choked hills of North Mississippi, Rising from the Riverbed demonstrates that theirs is a groove, and a way of life, for all.


Rising From the Riverbed DVD
Beanland: Rising From the Riverbed is a two disc set. It includes the film and a 12 track CD by various artists: Beanland, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Allgood, The Grapes, Cary Hudson of Blue Mountain, The Tangents, White Buffalo, Kudzu Kings, Daniel Karlish, Sweetbush Revival, Guelel Kumba, and the hidden track is Nichol and Cody Dickinson. There are also DVD bonus features with George and Bill acoustic, JoJo unplugged, Outtakes, and a moment with Jim Dickinson. purchase DVD


George McConnellGeorge McConnell's latest Virtual 45s are available in his download store. "Must Not Mind" and the B-side "Compass Lost"